Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yarn Won and Lost... 8.10.08

A not so stretched tale of yarn and boys....
This tale starts out like many others, happy and looking up but aaah, there is evil ahead, and let you be forewarned, it ends up becoming a twisted knotted bed of lies and intrigue.
There once was a happy crocheting mommy who was creating an afghan for the family couch during her two son's soccer games. The younger son seeing the blanket being made asked (as was his usual - being the younger, more demanding) when are you going to make ME a blanket???? So after a time they went to the large craft store where after 45 minutes the son could not make up his mind on a color ("whatever color YOU are happy with mom sigh..."). A search through mom's Harmony stitch dictionary and he becomes inspired for his mom to make him a blue tunisian stitched blanket with white pinwheels throughout so he then could have a dragon stitched in red over that. Back to the Local Yarn Store for supplies and home to have them wound on the wool winder. Everybody happy? Good the end for those of you who like happy endings.
The following Saturday the two happy sons wake up before their parents and have cereal, watch some t.v. and play with the family pets. That's the story they are sticking with. What their mom found was numerous balls of yarn thrown around like basketballs, now some unwound, tangled, other yarns mixed in and two boys pointing the finger at each other saying "he did it!" So that is the whole frayed tale. I may use the yarn for water bottle carriers, I really want to make one. hmmmmm.