Sunday, November 30, 2008

new place, new post

It's not in me right now to go into the list of why we moved. shall I play the innocent as I'd love to do, as one of my many friends would have me to do? Should I have fought harder against my dh, called people, taken days off of work, checked over everything I was told instead of believing blindly that i wasn't being lied to? Snooped around my own house, my dh's desk, ripped open mail, shown up at his job? I don't know. I just know we lost our house (not really lost-I know right where it is, the address is still the same) and we were three days away from living in a shelter. Yes peoples it happens, even to soccer moms who drive (although it's 12 years old) a van.We gave up all of our animals, my little dog had to be put to sleep because he was elderly and having strokes, falling down the stairs, walking into things, probably aggravated by the stress of us running around packing up. 
I didn't know what dire straights we were in until we had two weeks left in the house, then it was just a constant state of panic, looking for an apt, packing, moving stuff into storage unit but trying to keep some semblance of normalcy for the two boys. I know I was a little wild - eyed. My gal's Sunday School group really helped put things into perspective. My sister showed up  the last weekend driving 10 hours to to help pack during the last weekend along with friends from church who had a pick up truck and together the three of us man-woman handled furniture over to the storage place. My sister then took the boys back with her because we weren't sure of where we would be sleeping for the first 4 nights locked out of the house until the shelter opened up. I found an apartment right after that but it didn't matter because we were flat broke.  My MIL (God bless her) came through with a depo and rent money only because the dh told her what was up, he was too embarrassed to tell her everything before and she was was sick right when the poopie hit the fan. She had a big long talk with the two of us, telling us "no more secrets" Already he brought up stuff at that meeting he hadn't told me..aaaahhh, same old, same old.
Well, I met my sister 1/2 way over to pick up the boys and I will have to see how they cope. One week they have a house (a broken down, drafty, falling down one), 5 animals, have to wear uniforms (public school), and all the stuff that school entails and after staying with their aunt and cousins for two weeks they have to share a room in an apt (a very nice apt, i think- I'm thrilled!!) no animals (1 cat 1 dog went to friends for "fostering", 2 cats went to the cat animal shelter),  new school (but no uniforms).  the younger kiddo keeps talking about getting a new pet, but there are NO animals allowed here, as a matter of fact I kept looking for SOMEPLACE that would allow any animals and it was near impossible.
I had to get this out of my system and now I did.  Finished.