Thursday, January 22, 2009

Music Moment

Were you ever in a public place, a restaurant, mall, or store and suddenly everything  glazes around you for a go someplace else for a brief second as the background song makes you 

1.Take notice - perk up you ears mentally
2.You must identify the song at least title. For some of us we MUST name artist and if at all    possible year too (this could be in your head or outloud - depending on who you are with)
3. Go back to what you are doing as if nothing had happened.

The whole sequence may take a split second or a couple of seconds but there you are staring off into space for a moment as your brain tries to pull out that saved music file from the music library in your mind. I thought it was only me but I was sitting in a diner the other week with the kids and the dh and I actually saw that look on his face. He had been in the middle of a sentence about I don't remember what but he stopped, looked up towards the ceiling and then said "Rock the boat"  which I answered "Hues Coorporation" and then he finished his sentence. We laughed that it tends to be a contest with us but that time he got that eye-looking away face so I called it a music "moment". I have been known to do this many times. But now it has a name.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

what's this about a new year?


There are all different kinds of goals people set for themselves around this time of year. Being a teacher, I tend to set goals in Sept when school gets back into session.  This January with the arrival of my new day-timers set I thought I would look more closely at some goals.

Yarny goals

-finish the socks I started  crocheting they were fun until I got to the gusset now I'm so afraid of making a mistake I'm stuck. 
-Make a few "lapgans" to get through the pile of super saver yarn that 
we picked out as a family so everyone could have a blanket to curl up with while 
watching soccer outside or on the couch inside.
-Play with more expensive yarn.

Schooly goals
-never leave data for the next day.
-never leave for home with my desk cluttered (last year's goal and I only broke it 5x in the past year)
-Always have those tons of forms filled out weeks before they need to be! HA HA!

Personal Goals
-Get up early enough to do a bible devotion in the am.
-look at the daily planner and STICK WITH IT!

Yeeehaaa! that and a cup of coffee will get me some pep!