Sunday, January 4, 2009

what's this about a new year?


There are all different kinds of goals people set for themselves around this time of year. Being a teacher, I tend to set goals in Sept when school gets back into session.  This January with the arrival of my new day-timers set I thought I would look more closely at some goals.

Yarny goals

-finish the socks I started  crocheting they were fun until I got to the gusset now I'm so afraid of making a mistake I'm stuck. 
-Make a few "lapgans" to get through the pile of super saver yarn that 
we picked out as a family so everyone could have a blanket to curl up with while 
watching soccer outside or on the couch inside.
-Play with more expensive yarn.

Schooly goals
-never leave data for the next day.
-never leave for home with my desk cluttered (last year's goal and I only broke it 5x in the past year)
-Always have those tons of forms filled out weeks before they need to be! HA HA!

Personal Goals
-Get up early enough to do a bible devotion in the am.
-look at the daily planner and STICK WITH IT!

Yeeehaaa! that and a cup of coffee will get me some pep!


panchitah said...

Cup of coffee! Always. :)

Lupie said...

Your crochet socks look like they are coming out awesome! They look as if they will bring knitted socks to their knees(ha,ha) Have no fear move on you will be just fine. Can't wait to see them finished!
The clutter free desk goal is a good one. When I go in and see crap all over my desk I start the day off crappy.
I have to do IEPs for my students and when I fall behind that gives me a lot of stress. So keeping up with that is a good thing.
Lots of luck!

cj said...

Well, to help me out on the sock end of things I just purchased the book "Crocheted socks" "16 fun to stitch patterns" I have IEP at different times of the year, so they tend to be easier. and then the report cards come out 4 times a year exactly every three months after each IEP so there is allways something due! How about you?

cj said...

And my little panchitah! hi! coffee, you said it! I'm thinking of your 100 best list but I think I'm going to do a few at a time as I think of them.