Monday, April 13, 2009

At spring there are so many pleasant sights to see! I am so happy that I can start planting little seeds to hopefully go outside in the warmer weather. The parsley has come up, but is much too small to munch on, although it might get stuck between your teeth and leave you with that embarrassing green sprouting teeth look!

One thing that was surprising was the bagel tree, found on our school campus when we went for a walk this week. The birds seemed to love it, although when the summer gets hotter I'm not certain
 how the bagels are going to do, maybe they will fall off, sprout,  and that's how we get mini bagels.

Happy Spring! 


Lupie said...

I wish we had a bagel tree at my school!

cj said...

well, I think itwas just a spring thing because for some reason, the bagels are all gone and now there are only strings left where the bagels were, imagine that? (wink!!) Those trees aren't as popular with the birds as they were a few weeks ago either, hmmm, I wonder why?????

heh heh