Monday, May 11, 2009

Entish thinking...

What is that? I think it's an Ent or someone swallowed up by one!  

While walking in a nearby park,  I saw at first the shape of one eye, then the smile, and it looked like it was winking at me! 

I spied this happy face peeking out from the roots of a tree as I was walking through a nearby park while taking m&j for thier first bike ride of the season. I happened to take my camera and found some excellent trees to snap pics of.  
Can you still see the face in the last picture I took as I stepped away from the tree? It is at the base of the tree.




My father worked as a tree surgeon, and could tell you the american name, latin name and whether you could eat any part of a plant or tree while we were walking outdoors. I like the way trees can look different even though they are the same species.  
This tree bark reminds me of
 yarn tassels on the end of a scarf or a cool head of dreadlocks.

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